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Career Fit Survey



You may be asking yourself – Why is it so important for me to be passionate about my career? Well if you read the book the Millionaire Next Door, being passionate about their career would be one of the predominate attitudes among the millionaires that Dr. Thomas Stanley interviewed.

This is not to say that there are times that your job is just a means to an end, yet in the long run if you want to potentially be more successful, you will want to find a profession that supports your values.

It is our belief that to get to the best possible you, you need to

  1.  Know where you are today – Career Fit Survey
  2.  Discover your mission and passion -NLP The New Technology of Achievement
  3.  Learn and develop the 6 characteristics of successful people – Building Wealth Assessment

When you engage a financial advisor, we feel it is more than just money management and giving you the analysis that can help see if you are on track to reaching your financial goals. It is our experience, if we can help you determine you mission and purpose, you may be more likely reach your financial goals.

You may be asking yourself why this could be true? When you are more aware of your mission and purpose you can more likely develop the behaviors that tend to achieve them:

  1.  Frugal
  2.  Planning and monitoring
  3.  Focus
  4.  Confidence
  5.  Take responsibility
  6.  Social Indifference

We are not sure what comes first – the behaviors or the mission and purpose. Yet it seems that the 2 do work together.  If you complete the Career Fit and Building Wealth Assessments we will give you the eBooks the Millionaire Next Door and the Inner Game of Tennis.

 In order to get these free books, we will need to get your Name, email address, and you will need to reside in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, or, Virginia.