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For Employers and 401K Administrators


 Do you feel lost when it comes to the busy work associated with your retirement plan? Did you know you are responsible for making sure:

  • the plan’s money is treated as if it were your own
  • the investment of the plan is priced fairly and has returns in line with a consistent benchmark
  • the plan is up-to-date with current regulations
  • you aren’t being charged to much for services
  • that your company is providing consistent documented classes to help your employees understand the importance of retirement savings
  • all of these activities are done annually

Below is a Statement of Services that explains how my team and I can help you complete all of the above bullet points. I look forward to showing you how my team and I can provide these services for the same fee or less than you are currently paying.

Please feel free to call me at 423-267-6858 if you have any question  or email The first appointment is free, whether in person or by phone
Service Philosophy
My service philosophy is to assist you in maximizing your plan’s value to the organization. I propose to improve the overall effectiveness of your plan by helping you on a:
Plan Level
  • Implement a process that can help you manage fiduciary risks
  • Evaluate product design to meet your specific needs
  • Process for investment selection and analysis
  • Identify and recommend cost efficiencies
  • Establish an Investment Policy Statement and implement a
    documented process for investment selection and analysis
Participant Level
  • Financial Planning Seminar
  • Savings and Investing
  • Charitable Giving
  • Tax Reduction Strategies

The basis of the core philosophy that drives our information model is that people need three things to pursue their goals.

  • Recognition
  • Feel understood
  • Be part of something that makes a difference
Personal Coaching
  • Who are you
  • Why do you get up in the morning
  • What do you want to accomplish
I put you through a process that will help identify your decision making process connecting passions and purpose to your financial plan. Also I have found that this process helps you be a better employee, co-worker, husband, wife, and parent.
Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Using a disciplined process to help manage risk and pursue financial  goals

You have the option to engage our firm on a plan, an employee, or a comprehensive basis. Each level has a specific process with the objective of making a financial difference to the company and each employee that makes use of our services. To learn more about our planning and investing process click here.

We are offering a financial wellness program to employers. Click here to see how this works,


My services are available in both a fee-for-service format as well as a commission  format.
Fee-for-service format: You select the service or combination of services that is appropriate for your situation
Commission format: We act as your retirement plan representative and are compensated with asset-based fees and/or commissions
I am in the commission and fee- for-service business. I feel that the fee or commission you are willing to pay me for my services is a reflection of the financial difference I help make.

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