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Research Driven Porfolios

Through a strategic relationship with Dorsey Wright and Associates, we pursue the offering of world class research and portfilio constructions. 

Dorsey Wright Offers Unbiased and Objective Strategy

“The public, as a whole, buys at the wrong time and sells at the wrong time.” - Charles Dow, 1900

Successful investing requires a clear and consistent strategy. Studies have shown that investors tend to achieve sub-par performance because they allow emotion to take over and fail to adhere to a consistent set of rules.

Dorsey Wright empowers our team with information and tools that enable us to manage a clear strategy based on objective, unemotional data. As provider of technical analysis research for over 25 years, our tools and strategies have been tested through multiple market cycles.

We believe that it is possible to achieve superior investment performance. Strict modern portfolio theory has driven a commoditization of financial analysis, to the detriment of analysts and investors.  We dare to stand out from the rest – and can benefit from the differentiation that comes from having a clear and effective strategy based on time-tested principles.


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* Dorsey Wright is not affiliated with the Voya Family of Companies.